Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas was different this year. Family traditions are changing and I am not sure if I am happy about that or not. It was a great Christmas but just different and you know change is hard sometimes. We started having Christmas with Ma and the family earlier in the month of December a couple of years ago now. We still all get together for breakfast and do Chinese Christmas but just early so no one has to rush anymore. It is more enjoyable than having to rush to get down there and then rush to get on to the next Christmas. This year we stayed at home and everyone came over to our house. Well not everyone sara and Jacob did not get to come home again this year so we had to facetime them into the house. Thank goodness for technology. We went to Christmas eve service at church and then had a good dinner and in the morning had Christmas. One bummer that happened was Trey came down with the flu so he was pretty much non existent. It is always something right. Here are some pictures from several things This is from our Christmas lights adventure.
When we were at the Gaylord we went and saw Santa. Cooper did great and went right up and sat on his lap and started talking. Funny thing was my very outgoing doesn't know a stranger daughter would not do it. Santa was great and took his time to talk to her at a distance and eventually got her close to him
Christmas Eve